CEC has a history of expertise and experience in developing drilling and completion procedures that are safe, cost effective, and achieve the objectives of their clients.

Capuano Engineering Company Drilling Programs cover everything from site inspection, to drilling and completion procedures, to equipment procurement, site supervision, and all phases of work and paper work necessary to sign your project off as safe and complete.

The Expert Team are looked to for their experience and knowledge in the field and holds regular teaching and symposium engagements at leading institutions throughout the world.

CEC provides all levels of management, operational procedures, and field supervision services necessary to achieve the specific objectives of their clients.


Geothermal Drilling & Completion Services Include:

  • Creating site development plans with licensed Civil Engineers
  • Creation of drilling programs and cost estimates
  • Obtaining all geologic and geophysical information using geologic studies provided by the client of licensed geologists
  • Drilling procedure creation
  • Development of casing placement procedure
  • Design of cement operations
  • Wellhead configuration
  • Directional program creation as necessary
  • Drilling fluids programs
  • Bit & Stabilizer programs
  • Determination of specifications of required drilling rig
  • Sourcing of appropriate drilling rig
  • Acquisition of vendor quotes for all materials, equipment, and services required
  • Development of cost estimate for each well
  • Work with client to obtain necessary financing
  • Submit all necessary paperwork with local, state, and federal agencies

Drilling phase

  • 24/7 site supervision
  • Coordinate with all applicable government agencies for necessary tests and inspections
  • Monitoring of daily drilling operations by CEC personnel
  • Review and approval of all invoices from third party vendors for services or equipment
Geothermal Energy Days vs-Depth